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Q: I occasionally brainstorm ideas with a co-worker, but he recently presented one of mine as his own. How do I handle this?

A: First, be certain that you made it clear that the idea in question was yours and one you intended to present.

If you did not, assume that your co-worker genuinely did not remember how the idea came to him, and let it go.

If, however, you are certain of the impropriety(不得体), approach your co-worker in a nonconfrontational manner. Let him know that you believe the idea was originally yours and that he may have unintentionally presented it as his own.

 If he is open, see how you can work together to rectify the situation. Regardless, be sure to build on the idea and make your contributions known to others. While you may not receive credit for the initial concept, colleagues will remember your role as a team player and strategic thinker.

 To avoid a similar predicament(尴尬的处境,困境,窘境 ) in the future, share your ideas in a group setting, rather than with just one person. In addition, take the initiative to schedule a short meeting with your manager to share your most viable ideas.

—Carol Davidson, StyleWorks of Union Square





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