I'm sending a material here talking about writing mobile app automation test

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    Hello, everyone, I'm sending a material here, it's about writing mobile app automation test, hope it helps you at work.
   I had been looking for the ways to achieve automation test on mobile app, the ways which are simple, useful, stable, due to many Android mobile phones, so the app we developed will face a tough problem, app's compatibility, what I'm looking for is the tool can be used by black testing, today, I'm introducing two tools, which I can use these two tools to achieve our mobile phone app automation test, hope it will help you in any way, I uploaded a video in Youku, I'll link the video below, so you just need tap the button and watch right away, the video just showed some simple operation about how I did automation test with these two tools, then playback the script, I click on snap button for the page which I need check on, you will have these all screenshots afterall, then you can check the page see if it's expected, if you need enhance the script, go for it, you can use your powerful script. to meet your requirement, publish a post here by the way, so we can study from your post, actually we can also use QTP as one of two tools to achieve this app automation test, for this I will send later on.

Seems I can't link my video here, anyway, here is the ways for how to use these tools, the picture is provided by a 51 testing user, thank her/him.

If you wanna see the video you can see the other post of mine, I posted days ago.

Here are the ways:
1. First you need two tools, 小萝贝虚拟手机 and 按键精灵
2. Install 小萝贝虚拟手机 on your pc, then you can use USB or wifi connect your mobile phone
3. Install 按键精灵
4. These two tools are quite tiny, 小萝贝虚拟手机 only 3.6M, 按键精灵 only 35M, also按键精灵 is very easy, can record the operation, then debugging, compile to an exe file
5. 按键精灵can record operation which 小萝贝手机 did on mobile phone, at this time 按键精灵will record coordinate
6. Click on the snap button on the right side of 小萝贝虚拟手机 to snap the page you wanna check later
7. Play back the script
8. Verfiy the screenshots you got from playing back the script
9. End

For 小萝贝虚拟手机 and 按键精灵 you can baidu then download them

Thank you for reading.

And also welcome everyone here, share our experience on automation test with English language, so while improve our test skills, also we can get our English improved, what do you think?


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