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The purpose of this meeting is to give you an update about IXW's purchase of Sunset Computers.I know you must have a lot of questions.Well.now is the time for answers.
Let's start with the good news.Due to the purchase of Sunset,our market share in Asia has increased to 23 percent.And our revenue from the region has increased to nearly 25 percent.This is mainly because of Sunset's strength in China and Korea.
However,sales in Europe have decreased slightly.As a result,revent there fell by 8 precnet,while sales in North and South America have been flat.Overall,revent is up by 5 percent,but our costs have also risen,Consequently,our profits are going to decrease slightly.
Let me assure you.we're not looking at layoffs to save money,But it is possible that we'll delay some projects.In the next few weeks,you will be working with your managers to find opportunitiesii to cut expenses.Does anyone have any questions?

The purpose of this meeting to...这次会议的目的是...
layoffs to save money裁员来省钱
opportunities to cut expenses 一些削减开支的机会

特殊不定式短语可由名词或名词短语 + be 组成。
名词 + 不定式
This meeting is an opportunity to give you some answers. 这次会议是个能给你答案的机会。
We're not looking at layoffs to save money.     我们并不指望裁员来省钱。

名词短语 + be + 不定式
The purpose of today's meeting is to give you a company update. 今天会议的目的是让你了解公司的最新情况。

purchase 购买
market share 市场份额
region 地区
strength 实力,人力
sales 销售额
overall 总的,总体的
profits 利润
delay 推迟
projects 项目,计划

due to因为 ,由于
because of因为,由于
as a result结果,因此

使用 due to 和 because of 描述从句。这些表达是从属子句的一部分。注意,当从属子句在独立分句前出现,它们之间要用逗号隔开。
Because of our purchase of Sunset Computers, they have some questions.     由于我们购买了 Sunset Computers 公司,因此他们有一些疑问。
They have some questions because of our purchase of Sunset Computers.     他们有一些疑问,因为我们购买了 Sunset Computers 公司。
Due to the purchase of Sunset Computers, our market share has increased.     由于我们购买了 Sunset Computers 公司,因此我们的市场份额有所增加。
Our market share has increased due to the purchase of Sunset Computers.

使用 as a result 和 consequently 描述结果。这些表达在表述原因之后的句子里出现。注意这些表达后接逗号。
Sales in Europe have decreased slightly. As a result, revenue there fell by 8%. 欧洲的销售额稍有下降。因此,那里的收入下降了百分之八。
Our costs have risen. Consequently, our profits are going to decrease slightly. 我们的成本已经上涨。因此,我们的利润将会稍有下降。

has increased to 23%
has increased to nearly 25%
fell by 8%下降了百分之8
sales have been flat销售平稳
is up by 5%上升了百分之5
cost have also risen成本也上升
profits are goiong to decrease slightly利润稍微下滑

使用现在完成时谈论一段时间以来直到现在发生的变化。使用介词 to 表示结果。使用介词 by 表示数额。
Our market share has increased to 23 percent. 我们的市场份额增加到了百分之二十三。
Profits have decreased by 15 percent. 利润下降了百分之十五。

如果没有变化,可以使用形容词 flat。
Sales have been flat. 销量平稳。

Revenue fell by 8% last year. 收入去年下降了百分之八。
Our market share rose to 35% last quarter. 上一个季度我们的市场份额上升到百分之三十五。

使用 nearly,slightly 和 significantly 等副词表达不那么精确的信息。
Prices rose by nearly 20%. 价格上涨了将近百分之二十。
Sales have decreased slightly. 销售额稍有下降。
Revenue has increased significantly. 收入大大增加。

half a million五十万
project manager
hiring freeze冻结招聘

So,where do we start?
Well,Joan wants ideas for cutting costs.
Umm,The first thing I can think of is delaying some projects.
Whice ones?
Well,right now we're planning to build a new database.
Yes,That's a huge project.
In my opinion,we don't need it right now,We can wait six months.
How much will that save?
I believe we can save half a million dollars.
Half million?That's fantastic.
Yeah,We won't have to hire new developers or project manager.
Okay,What else?
We could delay the release of our new accounting software next year.
No,We can't do that.I have already promised our best customers that it's coming in about a year.How many of your people are leaving in the next six months?
Uh,two that I know of .You're thinking of a hiring freeze,right?
Yes,I am,It's better than layoffs.
Okay,I can lose one developer,but I'll still need to hire one new person for the Kingston project.
Hmmm,That's an important project.Let me think about it.Okay?

含有 'think'和'believe'的从句
使用动词 think 和 believe 表达观点。注意,观点位于 that 从句,紧随动词之后。
I think that Joan did a good job. 我认为 Joan 做得很好。
Simon believes that we can save half a million dollars. Simon 认为我们能省下五十万美元。

单词 that 可以省略,意思不会有改变。
I think Joan did a good job. 我认为 Joan 做得很好。
Simon believes we can save half a million dollars. Simon 认为我们能省下五十万美元。

回答是或否的时,用 so 替代 that 从句,以避免重复整个短语。
A: Do you think that Joan did a good job?

B: Yes, I think so.

C: No, I don't think so.

In my opinion 在我看来
I believe...我认为
layoff 裁员
表达观点有很多方法。比如说,你可以使用 in my opinion 和 it's my feeling (that) 这样的表达。
In my opinion, we could delay the software release. 在我看来,我们可以推迟软件发布。
It's his feeling that we need to cut costs.     他觉得我们需要削减成本。
你也可以使用 I think 和 I believe。记住,这些从句里面 that 可用可不用。
I don't believe that we should lay off staff.     我认为我们不应该裁员。
He thinks a hiring freeze is better than layoffs. 他认为停止招聘比裁员更好。

I'm sorry – could you repeat that?     不好意思 - 你能再说一遍吗?
I'm sorry, but I didn't catch that.     对不起,可我没听明白。
I'm sorry – would you mind repeating that?     不好意思 - 你介意重复一遍吗?
Do you mean that you think it's a good idea? 你的意思是你认为这是个好主意?
Are you saying we should stop the project? 你是说我们应该停止这个项目吗?

So you think he should be fired? 那么你认为他应该被解雇吗?
So, just to confirm, you believe that it's too expensive? 那么,只是确认一下,你认为太贵了是吗?
Half a million?

lay anyone off解雇他人
save 节省
hiring 雇,招聘用
start 开始

So,what do you have for me?
Well,Simon and I had a good discussion,First,we don't want to lay any off.Instead,we're proposing that saving come in two areas.We've looked at current projects,and we can delay the database project for six months.
Okay,That sounds reasonable,How much would that save?
It would save about half a million dollars.
Great,what else?
Well,we'd like to suggest a hiring freeze.
For all departments?
Yes,but two of my engineers are leaving,and I'll need to replace one of them.
Okay,What will that save us over the next six months?
Overall,I mean for all departments.we should save the company around a million dollars.
Good work,guys,what else?
Oh,that's it,for now.
It's a good start.but we need to save more.I'm thinking about our rent.Our lease ends in six months.I think that we should look at some different options.
I agree,I can start on that today.


think-thought 认为-想法

lay off-layoff解雇-解雇

 'propose' 和 'suggest' 后的从句
用propose 和 suggest 动词提出建议。注意,两个动词后常接一个that 从句。
I propose that we delay the database project. 我提议我们推迟数据库项目。
I suggest that we hire a new project manager. 我建议我们聘请一位新的项目经理。

that 可以省略,没有意义的变化。
I propose we delay the database project. 我提议我们推迟数据库项目。
I suggest we hire a new project manager. 我建议我们聘请一位新的项目经理。

两个动词 propose 和 suggest 说明可能性的概念,并且强调说话人即将要讲的内容。注意两个动词之后始终使用不带 to 的不定式,而且并不遵循主谓一致的规则。也就是说,he、she 或 it 后面的动词不需要加 -s。
I propose that he delay the project. 我提议他推迟项目。
I suggest she lay off some staff.我建议她应该裁掉一些人员。

We're proposing that...
That sounds resaonable。那听起来很合理。
What else?还有什么?
We'd like to suggest...
Good work,guys.
look at some different options考察不同的方案


executive summary 是商业提案起头的有效方法。下面是一种简单的构思办法。
The purpose of this proposal is to find a new location for our company offices.     该提案的目的旨在为公司寻找新的办公地点。
Because of falling market share, we have to find a way to generate more sales.     由于市场份额下滑,我们不得不寻找促进销售额的办法。

We have reviewed a list of options to find the best solution.     我们审查了许多选择,以求找到最佳的解决方案。
We are proposing a hiring freeze as the best way to cut expenses.     我们提议最好的办法是暂停招聘,以削减开支。
We are rejecting layoffs as a solution, due to the negative effects it will have on the staff.     我们反对把裁员作为解决方案,因为会对员工造成负面影响。

一般而言,非正式的句子更短,代词 I 的使用更频繁,包含更多个人看法。正式的句子通常更长,感**彩更淡。以下举几个例子。非正式用语的句子每次先出现。
I think we should try to spend less money.     我认为我们应该努力少花钱。
The purpose of this proposal is to outline a plan to cut expenses.     本提案的目的旨在概述一个削减开支的计划。
I think we should save more because things are getting more expensive and sales are poor.     我认为我们应该更加节省,因为物价越来越贵,销售额非常不理想。
Because of increasing expenses and decreasing sales, the company has identified the need to make savings.     由于不断上升的开支和日益下滑的销售额,公司明确了开源节流的需要。
I've looked at a few options.     我看过一些方案。
We have reviewed a list of options to find the best solution.     我们审查了许多方案,以求找到最佳解决办法。
I think we should have a hiring freeze. It'll help cut expenses.     我认为我们应该暂停招聘,这有助于削减开支。
We are proposing a hiring freeze as the best way to cut expenses.     我们提议最好的办法是暂停招聘,以削减开支。
I don't think we should lay off anyone because it'll make people very unhappy.     我觉得我们不应该解雇任何人,因为这会让人非常担心。
We are rejecting layoffs as a solution, due to the negative effects it will have on staff.     我们反对把裁员作为解决方案,因为会对员工造成负面影响。

作为商业提案的一部分,您常常会加入对所提议解决方案的advantages and disadvantages 或 pros and cons 的分析。
One advantage is lower costs.     一个优点是降低成本。
Another pro is that revenues will increase.     另一个好处是收入会增加。
One con, however, is that we'll need to use staff more efficiently.     但是,不利之处在于我们需要更有效地使用员工。
A further disadvantage is that projects will not be finished so quickly.     还有一个缺点是项目不会很快完成。

使用类似 big 和 obvious 在内的形容词强调优缺点的重要性。
Another big advantage of a hiring freeze is that we can keep morale high.     暂停招聘的一大优点在于我们可以保持高涨的士气。
An obvious advantage is that we don't need to have any layoffs.     一个明显的优点是我们无需裁员

In conclusion,a hiring freeze is the best choice for the company right now.最后,暂停招聘是公司目前的最佳选择。
To conclude,we recommend layoffs to cut costs.总而言之,我们建议裁员以削减成本。

It would lower costs and keep morale high.
The advantages are obvious:Cost would be cut by 50%.优点显而易见:成本可以减少 50%。

We suggest that we review this proposal at a meeting next week.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.如有任何问题或疑虑,请联系我。






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