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He's addicted to cigarettes 他有烟瘾
They are addicted to gambling.他们嗜赌成瘾
He's addicted to alcohol.He's an alcoholiic.他嗜酒成瘾,他是一个酒鬼。

She has financial problems
He has a weight problem,He is overweight.
I have a problem sleeping,I have insomnia.失眠症
They have marital problems.婚姻有问题

I have insomnia. The problem is that I can't stop thinking about work

that 也可以省略,句意一样
I have insomnia.The problem is I can't stop thinking about work.

I don't know why I ever started.
I mean,somking,makes me hands stink.
Mark's always thinking about my health.That's one reason I decided to come on this trip.I thought if I could go two weeks,in a car,with Mark,without somking,I'd definitely break the habit. I should give up somking.I really should.

"Do you want stop"

No,Do you?
"Oh,no,I'm fine.Do you have to do that?"

Do what?  We're getting gas?
"Yeah,we should get gas"

break the babit 改掉坏习惯

一般现在时  一般过去时

情态动词 “ought to ”和“had better”
Frank ought to lock his bedroom door
Oscar had better run fast

可以使用ought to 和 had better 来给与个人建议。Had better 语气强于ought to,在提出强烈的建议时使用。
He's very overweight.He ought to lose some weight.
Your health is very poor.You had better quit somking.

had better的否定是had better not。 ought to 的否定是ought not to,但很少使用。
You had better not start smoking.It's a terrible habit.
She has terrible insomnia. She ought not to drink coffee in the evening.

Make sure to get enough sleep.
Make sure not to drink coffee at night.
Be sure to exercise every week.
Be sure not to too much fast food.
Don't start smoking.
You ought to give up gambling.
You had better stop smoking.
You had better not talk to him,You are angry.

I asked you here to talk about your occasional tardiness.
You see.It's becoming a bit of problem.Sometimes you are as much as an hour later.
I know
So what's going on?
I'm very sorry, I've been meaning to talk to you about this.
Okay,so what's the story?
Well,as you know,my wife's just got a new job.
And it's now me who drives the kids to school every morning.That's what's making me late.
I know how that is. I have two kids of my own.But regardless,we have to figure out a solution to this.
I agree.
Another possibility would be for you to stay an hour later in the evenings,We have a lot of enginess who work late. They often have questions for us.You could deal with them.
Would that work for you?
Yeah,that would work.That would definitely work.Thakns,I appreciate your flexibility on this.
Let's try this for a couple of weeks,and see how it goes.And I want to emphasize that we value your work.This isn't a big deal.

tardiness = being late 迟到
flexibility 灵活性
being disorganized 缺乏条理的
being lazy 懒惰
being sloppy 粗心
being argumentative 好辩
being offensive 无礼
not being flexible 处事不灵活
not following instructions 不遵守指示
not working well with the team 和团队合作不愉快
not meeting deadlines 没有如期完成

Frank is someone who enjoys a cup of coffee.
Oscar is someone who enjoys a practical joke.
We have a lot of enginners who work late.

what going on?发生什么事情了?
what's the story怎么回事
we have to figure out a solution我们必须想出解决的办法
another possibility would be...另一种可能是....
would that work for you?你觉得可行嘛?
let see how it goes。我们看看会怎么样
This is something that we have to deal with.这事我们必须得处理。
One solution could be that I come early.一种可能得解决办法就是我来早点

first rate 第一流的,头等的
morale 士气
incompetetent 无能力的
communication 交流
radical 激进的,彻底的

Business is bad,and employee morale is low.生意很差,而且员工士气低落。
Communication between management and staff is poor.管理层和员工之间的沟通不畅
There is a continuing problem of employee theft in the company.公司里有员工盗窃的问题。
The company's costs are going up and up.公司的开支一直在上涨。
Competition is fierce in our industry.我们行业竞争很激烈。
Because of terrible mismanagement,the company is in trouble.因为管理不善,我们公司陷入困境。
The company's biggest problem is a lack of innovation.公司最大的问题是缺乏创新。
We don't have the money to buy the latest technology.

Innovation in the solution,It can save us.创新是解决办法,它能拯救我们。
I really think the only solution is to...
It's the only way to solve the problem.

One solution could be that we hire a new manager.
Another possibility would be to have a team meeting.

I really think that the only solution is to replace the entire management team. 替换整个管理团队
The only way to solve this problem is to buy the company.
I strongly suggest that we deal with this problem immediately. 我强烈建议我们即刻处理这一问题。






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