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Hi,pam,Are you okay?
No,I feel terrible.
What's up?
I have been vomiting all night.

Oh,you poor thing, You need to call a doctor
I know.
Hey, Uh, I have to go, but I will call you later to see how you are.

Good morning, Doctor Brennan's office.
Hi, My name's Pam James, I am a patient of Doctor Brennan's.
Oh, yes. Ms James. How can I help you?
I'm sick. I want to make an appointment to see the doctor today.
What seems to be the problem?
I have been vomiting. And I have diarrhea.
I am very sorry to heat that. How long has this been going on?
All night. It started about 3 in the morning.
Oh,dear. Will you be able to get to the doctor's office okay?
Yes,I think so.
Okay. Let me just have a look here. The doctor has some time at 1 o'clock. Could you make it then?
Is there anything earlier?
No, I'm sorry. The doctor's really busy today.
Okay. One o'clock is fine.
Great. So, We will see you at 1 o'clock. Take care.

I have a fever  我发烧了
He has diarrhea. 他拉肚子
She has a bad cough. 她咳嗽得很厉害。

I have a sore. 我嗓子疼

使用后缀 -ache表示身体某个部位疼痛,该后缀并不适合所有身体部位,只适用于head\stomach
He has a headache  他头疼
I have a stomachache 我胃疼

I am dizzy. I feel dizzy. 我头晕,我感觉头晕
She's nauseous. She feels nauseous 她感觉恶心,她觉得恶心

如果是呕吐,使用动词 to vomit
I've been vomiting for about an hour  我吐了一个小时左右

用现在完成进行时谈论一种在过去开始一直延续到现在的病症或病。用I have been +动词 + ing结构。

I have been vomiting a lot 我一直在吐,吐了好多
I have been having problem sleeping.我一直难以睡眠

I have been feeling very bad for the last two days 最近两天我一直都感觉不佳

How long has this been going on? 这事持续多久了?
How long have you been feeling like this? 你这样的感觉多久了?

How have you been feeling?

How are you feeling?
Not so greet.
I am sorry to hear that.How long have you been feeing bad?
Since yesterday. But I got really sick in the middle of the night.
Well,you do have a slight fever, but that's nothing to worry about. And your boold pressure is good. Did you eat anything unusual yesterday?
No, I don't think so.I had pizz for luch,and I didn't eat dinner.
Well,based on the symptoms you've decricbed.I think that you have a stomach flu.It's been going around.
Yeah,that's what I thought.
I am going to write you a prescription for medicine to help your stomach and stop the diarrhea.
Stay in bed,drink plenty of liquids. If you don't feel better after 24 hours, I want you to call the nurse.
And,when you have an appetite again,take it easy. I'd recommend pain white rice and maybe some yoghurt.

blood pressure 血压
symptoms 症状
stomach flu 肠胃炎
prescription 处方,药方
liquids 液体
nurse 护士
appetite 胃口
the flu 流感
diarrhea 拉肚子
yoghurt 酸奶,酸乳酪

Frank has been working hard for two days
I have been feeling bad for a few days.感觉不舒服已经好几天了
I've been waiting for the nurse for 20 minutes.

I've been feeling nauseous since Tuesday.自从星期二以来我一直都想呕吐。
Oscar has been working hard since yesterday

Since I got home, I've been feeling terrible.
I have been feeling terrible since I got home.


I got really sick
You do have a slight fever你确实有点发烧
Your blood pressure is good
It's been going around.现在流行感冒
What are your symptoms?你有什么症状?

insurance 保险
cover 包含,涵盖
allergic to 对...过敏
medications 药物
dosage 剂量,用量
tables 药片
spicy 辛辣的
capsules 胶囊
teaspoon 一匙
side effects 副作用
drowsiness 昏厥
loss of appetite 食欲不振
maximum dosage 最大量
suitable for 适用

形容获得prescription的动作,使用动词fill,当你要去药房取药时使用动词pick up.
I'm going to the pharmacy 我要去药房
He talked to the pharmacist 他跟那位药剂师说话
She filled a prescription for her medication 她按处方配了药
I need to go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription  我要去药房抓药

药剂师可能会询问你是否不能服用一些药物,注意形同词结构 + to
Are you allergic to any medications?

You forgot to take your medicine.你忘记吃药了
I'm here to pick up my medication 我来取药

I have to take three pills a day
My medicine comes in tablets 我的药是片状的
She takes four capsules a day 她每天吃四粒药

Does my insurance cover this medication?

Take four tablets,twice a day
The medicine comes in capsules,Take two every day
Take one teaspoon,after meals

标签也会提醒你有关的side effects,你服药时遇到的难题,这会包括drowsiness或loss of appetite.
The side effect of this medicine is that it may cause drowsiness.可能引起昏睡
Side effects may include loss of appetite   副作用可能包含食欲不振

Maximum dosage:four capsules per day 最大量:每日四颗
Suitable for:adults and children over 12 years old  适用:成人和12岁以上的孩童

I'd like to fill a prescription 我来开一张处方
Does my insurance cover this?
Are you allergic to any medications?
This will help stop the diarrea 帮助你减轻腹泻
The dosage is two tablets every six hours?
Take it with some plain food 清单食物
This is for the nausea and the vomiting
Take two capsules twice a day
I hope you feel better.

Jake,What happened?
I fell down some stairs.
What? How did you do that?
I don't know,I just,uh... fell.
Really? Why don't you tell her the whole story,jake?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Come on ,Tell me what happened
I was walking dowm some stairs,and I won't paying attention
Actually,you were paying attention,but not to the stairs.
He was paying attention to a very attractive young woman, who was walking up the stairs as he walking down.
I think the stairs were wet,or something.
Anyway,he fell dowm the stairs and broke his leg.

Oh,jake.That's awful.
Yeah,I brusied three ribs and,uh,sprained my right wrist.
When did this happened?
Uh,two days ago.
And how are you coping with the crutches?
Crutvhes?No problem at all.

bruised three ribs 碰伤了三根肋骨
sprained my right wrist 扭伤了我的右手腕

I slipped and cut my arm 我脚下一滑,把胳膊划伤了
I fell down and bruised my shoulder 我摔倒了,把肩膀碰伤了

I have a bruise on my arm 我碰伤了肩膀
I have a sprained wrist 我扭伤了手腕
I have a broken leg 我摔断了腿

While 和 When描述中断的动作
I sprained my ankle while I was playing soccer.我踢足球的是好事扭伤了脚踝
I was walking on an icy road when I slipped and broke my leg 当我正在结冰的路面上走路,不小心滑倒摔断了腿

While I was crossing the road, a woman fell down.
When I was driving to work,I saw the accident.

What happened?
I was climbing the ladder when I slipped 我爬楼梯时摔了一跤






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