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Why use JMeter?

Overview of functional/regression/stress testing principles

Designing a basic test plan

How to identify your testing needs

Defining the steps of your test

Creating your first JMeter test

Introducing the JMeter GUI

The basic elements of a JMeter test plan

Building a functional test with your Internet browser

Executing your functional test

Reading the results of your test

The power of JMeter

Comprehensive overview of the available JMeter components and functions

Implementing an advanced functional test using the key JMeter functions and components

Designing and implementing your own practical example to "test" a website of your choice

Regression testing

Using your functional tests for regression testing

Future proofing your tests

Stress testing

Analysing your website traffic

Identifying what you need to test

Mimicking the real world in JMeter

Extracting and reading the results

Other key features

Stress testing a database

Using JMeter from the command line

Editing a test plan in a text/XML editor

Performance Testing Fundamentals

Stress testing

Load testing

Soak testing

Running multiple threads

Setting rump-up period

Threads and users

Distributed Testing

Configuring servers

Gathering results

Submitting Forms

Extracting form. ID or checksums

Generating sequence or random data

Getting data from database

Recording forms with a JMeter proxy server

Submitting data recorded in log files

Managing Sessions

Session managers

Session per thread

Session per user

Load Distribution

Using Apache log files to determine distribution

Analysing distribution and creating appropriate test plans


Gaussian Random Timer

Other Resources and Load Time


Java scripts

JMeter and HTTP headers policy (browser and proxy caching)

Resource Monitoring

Monitoring and analysing CPU resources

Monitoring database queries

Monitoring memory utilization

Monitoring network traffic

Running monitoring tools periodically

Analysing and Interpreting Load Test Results

Running tests at night and creating periodical reports

Statistics available from JMeter

Sample, Average, Median, Deviation, Throughput

Response time graphs

Margins of Error

Analysing results with Excel

Interpreting statistical results

Finding the bottlenecks

Regression and correlations

Distributed (Remote) Testing

Preparing remote environment

Running distributed

Gethering and analysing results

Using distributed testing with load balancers


Creating user variable

Extracting data from a web page to a variable


Using functions

Function helper

Using BeanShell Scripting

Short introduction to BeanShell

Creating samplers

BeanShell listener

__BeanShell function

Testing Application with Real Data

Configuring Apache Web Server to record appropriate data

Access Log Sampler

Security issues


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