I'm Andi,A test Manager,like English and can speak in some certain situation ,also can read English file frequently ,if you are the one who have good experience in English and have related work experience with test,welcome you coming to my blog.

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Hi,Andi. I'm Cara, a software tester who works in this industry for more than 2 years now.
"I'm andi,A senior software test engineer,I like english and can speaking,welcome all friends coming here and sharing you job thinking,and give your kind advice in testing.!!!"
I think the words "you job"/"advice" could be "your job'/“advices”; how about this "welcome all friends coming here and sharing any thoughts or ideas of your job. If you could give me some pieces of advice in testing  that can be much better. " ^^,I'm learning English now, I just want to say something,hope I didn't bother you.

2018-05-10 21:09:45

i just a chinese style English leaner ,you are much better than me ,thanks for good good advance,i will take it ,thanks so much
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